The Association was founded in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, citizens, city and county officials.  It is the parent organization for many programs and community organizations in Findlay and Hancock County.
In 1980, the Block Watch was implemented in the city of Findlay.  The Board of Realtors initiated a plan to start the organization and the Findlay Service League put the plan in motion.  Other groups also assisted in the funding.
Former Sheriff Boutwell, in 1981, saw further need from the citizens.  A committee was formed with representatives from each community and township trustees.  Funds were raised from the general public.  The community involvement  was further assisted by Boy Scouts and Hancock County Volunteer Fire Departments.
Between 1983-1985, the Association expanded into areas other than Block Watch,  including initiatives such as  the child alert program, McGruff, and operation ID.  The organization became incorporated for tax contributions and are a 501-C-3 corporation.
Crime Stoppers was implemented in 1987 by the Association and became a group of it's own by community support and involvement.
From 1991-1996, the Crime Prevention Association became an umbrella for more than fourteen various agencies throughout the community.  At that time, funds raised supported four active crime prevention programs and the rest were self supporting.  Some were government affiliated but provided insight for community activities.  By 1996 the group had raised well over $40,000 in monetary donations to serve the community.
Currently, we are working hard at revitalizing the group.  We still serve the self supporting active groups, but have also added a few more to support as well.  This includes Y.I.E.L.D., local K-9 law enforcement and Project Lifesaver.  We still work to promote Block Watch and the efforts of the Crime Stoppers group.  We are working on developing a House of Worship safety training, and are working on our social media / internet presence through the creation of our website and Facebook page.