Youth Education

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We are active in supporting local efforts to reach our children.  We support our School Resource Officers and local Crime Prevention Officers in their education efforts and with resources they need to effectively communicate with children.   Part of their task is to teach our youth about the dangers of drugs, bullying prevention and building a positive self-esteem.


We also support our Y.I.E.L.D. program.  YIELD stands for Young Individuals Educating Local Drivers.  This group is very active around Prom/Graduation season where they talk with upper classmen about the dangers of distracted driving.

In June 2018 the group started supporting a new community effort, Camp 911.  Camp 911 will host local children going into kindergarten.  These children will learn safety lessons from local first responders over three days of summer fun.  Volunteers with Hanco EMS, Findlay Fire, Findlay Police and the Sheriff's Office are teaming up to prepare lessons from water safety to stranger danger.  We are excited to stand behind this project and help support it now and in the furture.

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Block Watch

Block Watch is all about our Community coming together to fight crime in our neighborhoods.  This group is built with neighborhood volunteers, law enforcement, and other community services to build a safer and more wholesome community, one block at a time.



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Community Awareness

Our goal is to create a safe and productive environment through community awareness.  This is a critical role in preserving and enhancing the safety and well-bring of our community members.


Through education at all ages we can empower our community to be strong and take an active stance against crime.  This will include House of Worship training, Internet Safety for all ages and taking a stand against heroin in our area.


Law Enforcement Support

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Our team is dedicated to supporting our local law enforcement.  Whether this means to help promote upcoming events or to serve as a financial support for items needed, the Findlay Police Department and Hancock County Sheriff's Office know they can count on us to help.  Recently, we helped provide support for K-9 ballistic vests for our K-9 Units in our county.   Hancock County K-9 Officer Charlie appears in the picture to the left.