Our Mission

The mission of the Crime Prevention Association of Findlay/Hancock County is to reduce countywide crime, enhance the sense of safety and security, to positively influence the quality of life in Hancock County, and to help develop an environment where crime cannot flourish.

The Association is here to engage and empower the citizens of the City of Findlay and Hancock County to keep themselves safe.  Through education and working with community members we are committed to a proactive approach in crime reduction.  This group of community volunteers, from different backgrounds, work together to raise funds for local crime prevention efforts, develop crime prevention programs to serve our area, and create an environment of cooperation between all local organizations that work to promote crime prevention.

Our Board
Kevin Stricklen

Rowmark, LLC

Board Member

Anne Cole

Advertising That Works

Becky Smith

Fiscal Officer

Hancock County Sheriff's Office

Michael Heldman


Hancock County Sheriff's Office

Andrew Kunos

Findlay Resident

Board Member

Paula Deter

Advanced Drainage Systems

Corey Hartman

Deputy Crime Prevention 

Hancock County Sheriff's Office

Kevin Shenise
Fire Safety Prevention Officer
Findlay Fire Department
Jessica Halsey
Hancock County Public Health
Brian White

Crime Prevention Officer

Findlay City Police Department

Beth Wilkins 

Executive Team Member

50 North

David Spears

Blanchard Valley Hospital

Shawn McFarland

Mortgage Originator

Union National Bank

Keith Loreno


Fostoria Police Department

Dionne Neubauer
Findlay Hancock County
Chamber of Commerce
Craig Spieker

Hanco EMS

Adam Shoop

Findlay City Schools